Keep an eye on your assets, pallets and transportation with a smart track and trace system.

Basic tracking of your assets 

With a track and trace system you’re in control of the efficiency and security of your goods. Monitor the location of your assets in real time, protect your goods against theft, or improve efficiency and fuel usage by updating your transportation routes.

Today’s real time tracking systems (on board units) are already well-known and widespread. These systems however are quite complex, very costly and highly energy consuming. For this reason today’s tracking systems are mostly not suited to trace unpowered assets (standalone trailers, train wagons, containers etc).

Small trackers with a long lifespan

Tracking devices equipped with Sigfox use all the advantages of the ultra-narrow-band technology (ultra low power, long range communication). Furthermore Sigfox trackers often use new and low energy consuming localization techniques extending the battery lifetime tremendously.

More importantly the global Sigfox network allows for hassle-free cross border tracking (no roaming). One point of contact, one contract and global coverage.

Sigfox is unique in that respect. Through the use of Sigfox enabled trackers, use cases with an unaffordable total cost of ownership (TCO) are now within reach.

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