Start your IoT project

Want to create your first IoT project with the Sigfox technology? Discover the steps you will need to follow and get started rightaway.

Get your Sigfox development kit

Find a partner

Via the Sigfox partner website you will be able to find your Sigfox partner in just a few clicks.

Steps in an IoT project

1. Technical quickstart

The first step is to get acquainted with the Sigfox technology through a development or evaluation kit, provided by one of our many partners. With a kit you get access to the network and can start sending messages immediately.

2. Qualification

Discover the advantages and limitations of the Sigfox technology to decide if Sigfox is qualified for your IoT project.

3. Prototyping

Create your first device and connect it to the Sigfox network for testing.

4. Development

To create a Sigfox-enabled device, the hardware has to be integrated with a Sigfox compatible radio chipset.

5. Certification

Certification is a major step in the development of your Sigfox project. It validates if your device matches the required Sigfox standards.

6. Industrialization

Industrialization is the final step before the commercialization of your device. You have to make sure that your costs can scale and that your device is ready for mass production.

More information?

You can find more information and technical documentation about starting an IoT project on the Sigfox Makers website.