This Micro Base-Station makes coverage easy

Sigfox successfully launched its Micro Base-Station, the company's most versatile and cost-efficient gateway to date. Compact, sleek and weather-resistant, the Micro Base-Station provides an adaptable and easy-to-install solution to bring Sigfox where you need it.


Coverage where you need it

With its compact form factor, integrated antenna and Power-over-Ethernet capabilities, the Micro Base-Station can be installed within minutes. It connects to Sigfox's Cloud via existing Internet Access (LAN) or cellular network.

The Micro Base-Station is developed to address new challenges related to network expansion. It allows an ROI optimisation on IoT application deployment in deep-indoor or remote location. A single gateway can cover a couple of square-kilometers without effort

Connectivity as a service

At Citymesh 0G, it's our goal to help you enjoy the best Sigfox experience as possible. That way, you can rent a Micro Base-Station when you need extra coverage. At Citymesh 0G, we got you covered.