Safe & Clean combats COVID-19 with connected hand sanitizing dispensers

COVID-19 has put an emphasis on health constraints in public spaces and has created a need for reliable hand sanitizing equipment. Powered by Sigfox 0G technology, connected dispensers can help organizations combat pandemics.


The COVID-19 outbreak has created a surge of demand for hand sanitizing dispensers. Though traditional contactless dispensers already exist, they are difficult to manage and require constant attention to keep the dispenser operational (fluid level, battery level). Non-operational dispensers not only pose a health threat, but can also undermine brand image.

Thanks to affordable and plug and play Sigfox 0G connectivity provided by Citymesh 0G, Safe & Clean was able to easily connect their brand-new dispensers to the cloud. As a result, managers can be alerted when a dispenser requires maintenance, such as a refill or battery recharge, and can maintain 100% uptime for the dispenser.

Safe Clean Gui

Since its birth in May 2020, Safe & Clean has installed close to 1.000 connected dispensers which have disinfected over 200 million hands. Their customer portfolio includes large companies such as Carrefour, Delhaize, BPost, Decathlon and Ikea as well as several airports (notably London Heathrow), hospitals, schools and malls. Thanks to the global availability of the Sigfox 0G network, Safe & Clean is able to offer its connected dispensers throughout the world via a network of distributors which they are rapidly expanding.

Following its first success, Safe & Clean is now launching new dispensers featuring a large LED screen to display additional health information such as temperature measurements as well as commercial messages.

Safe Clean

About Safe & Clean

Safe & Clean was founded in May 2020 by Olivier Clybouw, Gilles Hayez, Peter Cools and Jean-Michel Paul after the COVID-19 outbreak put their previous company in the event industry out of business.

With a laser focus on their simple goal of creating an industrial grade sanitizing machine, they were able to go from zero to a highly-effective connected hand sanitizer dispenser and almost 1.000 installed units in less than 9 months.

Citymesh 0G is proud of being able to provide Safe & Clean the plug & play connectivity they need to help their customers fight the pandemic.