Rapal and Citymesh 0G help companies reopen offices

COVID-19 is causing a paradigm shift in how companies organize their workspace. Usage monitoring and social distancing are now more important than ever. In the wake of this crisis, our partner Rapal is leveraging their workspace management experience to assist companies in reopening their offices.


New office management challenges

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, companies are faced with new sanitary challenges. Typical workspace management solutions are used to optimize the cost and comfort aspects of the office. Optimaze, a product developed by our partner Rapal, leverages the Sigfox 0G network to provide an easy-to-use solution for monitoring and improving workspace utilization. The solution also allows employees to find free workstations by visualizing the real-time occupancy data on a lobby screen or their smartphone.

Such solutions can already be used to partially tackle challenges like social distancing, for example by controlling the density of employees in a building. Nevertheless, these solutions are not developed specifically to answer sanitary requirements.

A novel sanitary application

Rapal is now adding features to their solutions to also optimize the sanitary aspect of the office. In order to make sure that social distancing is respected, Rapal has developed an application that allows:

  • Facility managers to define social distancing rules by banning certain workstations and meeting rooms.
  • Facility managers to arrange cleaning based on utilization.
  • Employees to remotely book a workstation and directly head there, limiting traffic in the office.

In order to allow quick deployment, the application can work without sensors. Optionally, Rapal offers to install sensors below workstations to monitor which ones are really being used.

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About Rapal and Citymesh 0G

Rapal is a workspace specialist established in 1991. Their mission is to be a global leader in the field of workspace optimization. Their digital monitoring solutions are currently used by Facility Managers all around the globe to improve the performance of their offices.

Extensive experience in Facility Management within Citymesh as well as Citymesh's expertise in IoT make Citymesh 0G an ideal partner for Rapal to distribute their solutions in Belgium.

Citymesh 0G and Rapal are proud to take part in helping companies reopen their offices and provide a safer environment for employees.