Powerdale leverages Sigfox 0G to tackle electromobility challenges

As electric vehicles (EV) become a more common way of transportation, businesses are faced with new fleet management challenges. The Sigfox IoT ecosystem offers plug and play solutions that help lower the entry barrier for this energy transition.

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About Powerdale

The Belgium-based company Powerdale specializes in electromobility and energy management. They started in 2003 and today, they have successfully enhanced their product portfolio with various IoT elements. 

Novel EV charging connected solution

Powerdale has developed a cutting-edge solution for monitoring energy consumption when charging EVs. Their Nexxtender mobile solution targets fleet managers and works as follows:

  • mobile charger monitors energy consumption and sends it to the cloud via the global Sigfox 0G network even when the EV is abroad.
  • A cloud-based platform helps fleet managers reimburse expenses when charging at home and view reports and cost analysis.
  • A mobile application allows employees to manage expense notes.

This creative solution removes one more obstacle for fleet managers transitioning to a fully electric car fleet.

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Following their success with fleet managers, Powerdale is looking to collaborate with car manufacturers in order to integrate their solution at the source of electromobility.

Citymesh 0G is proud to support Powerdale and e-drivers in their international journey across the globally available Sigfox 0G network.