Holifresh reinvents cold chain monitoring with Sigfox 0G

Due to the stringent regulations of the cold chain industry, businesses like restaurants, supermarkets or butchers to name a few are required to closely monitor the temperature of their fridges. Holifresh, a Belgian startup, is deploying a flexible and real-time remote cold chain monitoring solution built on the low-cost Sigfox 0G network worldwide.

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About Holifresh

Since its creation in 2017, Holifresh has established itself as a reliable cold chain monitoring specialist in 5 different countries and serves over 400 customers. Using the globally available Sigfox 0G network, Holifresh is now revolutionizing cold chain monitoring.

Novel cold chain monitoring solution

In a conventional approach, cold room reporting is performed manually by employees: multiple daily visits to the fridges, manual temperature measurements and manual reporting of temperatures in a notebook or Excel sheet. This labor-intensive procedure is not only cumbersome and inefficient, but also subject to human error.

To automate cold chain monitoring and allow cost-effective and reliable reporting, Holifresh has developed a solution using smart sensors communicating over the Sigfox 0G network that works as follows:

  • Affordable temperature sensors with a long battery lifetime are installed in customers' fridges. By automatically transmitting readings via Sigfox, the solution does not require any manual reporting. Furthermore, the sensor installation is plug and play—no cabling is required—and there is no need for additional infrastructure.
  • A cloud-based software displays cold room status information and allows easy reporting and smooth integration in the customers' IT systems.
  • An alert engine generates relevant notifications whenever customer-defined rules are met.

With this revolutionary solution, the quality of products in cold rooms can be guaranteed in an energy-efficient and cost-effective way.

Thanks to its best-in-class Sigfox network in Belgium, Citymesh 0G is able to provide a highly reliable connectivity solution at minimum cost compared to other technologies.

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International outlook

After seeing a turnover that tripled between 2018 and 2019, Holifresh is preparing to grow internationally with the opening of new offices in Paris. The global coverage of the Sigfox network and a fast-growing team are key factors supporting Holifresh's international ambitions.

From now on, no food ever needs to be wasted because of unreliable cold chain monitoring!

Citymesh 0G is proud to support this successful Belgian innovation.