Blueriiot uses Sigfox to monitor pool water quality

Blueriiot concludes a global deal with Citymesh 0G to bring their top of the line products online worldwide using Sigfox 0G technology.

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Manual water quality control is tedious

Owning a pool allows for great social moments but also comes with a significant maintenance burden. To ensure a safe and comfortable experience, various water parameters must be monitored. The regular way of measuring these elements is cumbersome: going to the pool, dipping "analysis strips" in the pool, waiting for the approximate results and taking appropriate water maintenance actions.

This requires the owner to always be on premises and is very time-consuming.


A smart water analyzer

In order to streamline the monitoring process, Blueriiot has developed a connected water analyzer. Floating in the pool, the Blue Connect constantly reports several water parameters to the Blueriiot Pool & Spa assistant app:

  • pH - which needs to be between 6.8 and 7.3 for optimal swimming comfort.
  • Temperature - a too high temperature reduces pool treatment efficiency and leads to the development of micro-organisms.
  • Redox/ORP - which indicates the disinfection capacity of the water.
  • Salinity - for pools treated by salt electrolysis.

Combining this data with pool dimensions and weather forecasts, the Blueriiot app creates a tailor-made pool maintenance program that allows the owner to keep the pool in perfect condition while minimizing maintenance effort. Convenient notifications are sent to a mobile application to alert the owner whenever an action is required.

Thanks to this connected experience, the owner doesn't need to be on premise for monitoring the pool. This could even be performed from another country. That information can also be shared directly with pool maintenance companies, allowing them to send a pool engineer only when necessary rather than on a regular basis.

Using the low-energy Sigfox 0G technology, the Blue Connect reports status information up to 20 times a day to ensure the owner is notified as soon as an issue occurs without heavily impacting battery life. Moreover, the global availability of the Sigfox network allows Blueriiot to offer a completely plug and play experience. Finally, the seamless roaming capability of the Sigfox technology allows the Blue Connect to operate across the world using a single subscription provided by Citymesh 0G.

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About Blueriiot

Blueriiot is a Belgium based company, now part of the Spanish multinational Fluidra, who developed the connected water analyzer. Today, more than 25.000 of their products measure water quality all around the world.