ArcelorMittal monitors its urgent shipments with shr-loc

Production lines in the automotive industry are very time sensitive with short and rigid delivery slots for suppliers. ArcelorMittal, one of the main suppliers of car manufacturers, is leveraging the Sigfox based shr-loc tracking solution to monitor its urgent shipments.

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A challenging environment

Production lines in the automotive industry are very time sensitive with short and rigid delivery slots for suppliers. Any deviation from these slots can generate significant disruptions in the manufacturer's production line. As a steel supplier for some of the largest car manufacturers, ArcelorMittal must abide by these rules when delivering its products.

Improving outbound logistics visibility under all circumstances

ArcelorMittal currently relies on the trucking companies' on-board tracking systems to follow their shipments. Though reliable, these tracking systems are not always available to follow urgent and unplanned shipments.

shr-loc provides real-time shipment location

Today, ArcelorMittal relies on shr-loc to provide real-time shipment location to its customers. Thanks to shr-loc trackers installed on their steel coils, ArcelorMittal no longer needs to rely on the availability of an onboard tracking system. This allows ArcelorMittal's customers to be able to track their shipments throughout their journey, under all circumstances.

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A positive outlook

After successfully monitoring the delivery of shipments leaving the Gent factory with shr-loc, ArcelorMittal is currently replicating the solution in other factories throughout Europe.

Why shr-loc

ArcelorMittal has chosen the shr-loc solution because of its unique combination of features:

  • shr-loc trackers communicate using the global Sigfox 0G network, providing a completely seamless roaming experience across Europe.
  • shr-loc software is easy to integrate into ArcelorMittal's ERP, allowing them to improve their shipment process.
  • shr-loc trackers are small enough to be slipped in the shipment documentation envelope or attached to the steel coils.
  • The shr-loc solution is affordable enough to allow ArcelorMittal to use it for all their urgent shipments while maintaining a positive business case.
  • shr-loc trackers have a long-lasting battery lifetime that allows them to be reused for different shipments.

In addition to shr-loc's features, ArcelorMittal is now fully independent for the tracking of their shipments!

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About ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal is the world's largest steel producer, manufacturing more than 90 million tons of steel per year. Their Belgian footprint consists of two factories: Gent and Liège.

About shr-loc

shr-loc is the unpowered asset tracking solution, developed by Citymesh 0G.

Citymesh 0G is proud to support ArcelorMittal in their transition to a smarter delivery chain.