Discovery kit

Want to get started with Internet Of Things yourself? Get a taste of the Sigfox experience with our Sens'It discovery kit.

Use the Sigfox technology to connect your surroundings in no time (temperature and humidity monitoring, door and motion detection, and more) with the Sens'It discovery kit. 

Grab your Sens'it device and dashboard for only €49*. We also provide one year of Sigfox connectivity for €10 (€5 subscription fee and €5 activation fee).

*1. Prices are excluding VAT and freight charges. 
 2. We only sell to business customers who have their registered  office and VAT number in Belgium. 

Order your discovery kit

Fill in the form below to order your discovery kit. Afterwards you only have to activate your device via the Sens'It website

Get your Sigfox development kit

Activate your discovery kit

Do you already have a Sens'It device? To get started with your IoT project, all you have to do is activate your discovery kit via the Sens'It website.